The CyberFoundations and CyberCenters competitions have a new home at CyberAces.org!

Welcome to CyberCenters, an entry-level competition focusing on the fundamentals of cyber security and covers three important modules: Networking, Operating Systems, and System Administration.

For each of these three modules, CyberCenters includes a tutorial to help individuals build their skills. After a two to three week study period for each module, competitors will participate in a national competition by taking an on-line multiple-choice quiz. The highest scorers on these quizzes will be eligible for prizes, scholarships, and internships. For more details check out the About page.

All information will be used in connection with the activities associated with the US Cyber Challenge including statistical reporting for accounting of performance metrics regarding the participants. Information may be provided to parties offering scholarships and you may be contacted if you are a finalist for a scholarship.

All data is stored and maintained in the US.